echmmusic: I love your hair! I really want a pixie cut but am scared and soooo excited. Could you tell me your pixie cut experience? Thank you! :)

cutting my hair short was one of the best things I ever did actually. my mother would never let me do it, and I was having a really low evening one night when I was 16, I had convinced myself that I was going to die unless I changed something about my life so I hacked off my hair with the kitchen scissors and afterwards I just cried from the relief, it was like I had stored so much anxiety in my hair and now it was just done with

nowadays I cut my own hair because I’m poor as fuck and because I still like to have that control over it - luckily my hair is curly so I don’t have to worry too much about it being even or neat

i feel nothing suddenly
in a way that dead limbs don’t
for there is no cold revival;
an inevitable whir

i see unwelcome portraits
in the backs of stagnant mirrors
my chin slops in to my neckline;
a precursor to a fall
in which i begin to worry
was i ever born at all